Tricycle accessories - Adjustable backrests

Accessories for special and cargo tricycles

Back rest, straight
Back rest, straight

For easy fixation of the back.

Art.-No. 16109

Back and side rest
Back and side rest

Adjustable back and side rest to stabilize the upper body and maintain the correct sitting position. Available sizes: Please always specify tricycle model!

Small: 23 cm (inside diameter):
Art.-No. 16100

Middle: 34 cm (inside diameter):
Art.-No. 16105

Big : 37 cm (inside diameter):
Art.-No. 16106

Backrest adjustable
Backrest adjustable

Variable adjustable backrest.

Art.-No. 16127

Backrest with shoulder straps
Shoulder straps

Shoulder straps for backrest. Only available in conjunction with one of the above-mentioned backrests (except backrest adjustable).

Art.-No. 16501