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Karl Wulfhorst founded a bicycle shop in 1915 in Gütersloh.

He suffered a leg injury in World War I and could not move easily from there on. So he developed a special tricycle, with which he could move safely and easily.

Due to the many war invalids the demand was great and more tricycles were developed, also trailers, transport tricycles and wheelchairs belonged to the then program of the company Karl Wulfhorst. Business was booming and soon Karl Wulfhorst had made a name for himself beyond the borders of Gütersloh. With the support of his daughters Else, their husband Hugo and his daughter Anneliese, he delivered his products far beyond the borders of Gütersloh.

The bicycle business continued to develop well, with repairs for urban facilities and construction yards being completed. Lawn mowers, ammunition and sewing machines were also supplied, as usual in many bicycle shops.

In the 50s, daughter Else and her husband Hugo took over the management.

Son-in-law Hugo applied in the 70s as a supplier to the company Miele and was able to complete washing machine and dryer parts with a great deal of flexibility and know-how, delivering "just in time" directly to the conveyor belt at Miele for the time being.

He developed the first folding tricycle in Germany and filed his invention for a patent.

In 1982, the son of Hugo and Else Teismann, Harald Teismann took over the business. He further developed all business lines and also expanded the Miele business with international contacts into a first-class assembly supplier.

The tricycle business became more and more international, so delivered at the time already EU-wide. As the first tricycle manufacturer in Germany to develop a tricycle with an electric motor and made it a good name. More and more specialist knowledge and competence, paired with an excellent quality made the company Wulfhorst GmbH world-famous.

In 2008, the son of Harald Teismann, René joined the company. Together with his wife Karolin and with a well-trained and competent team, today tricycles are being built on a state-of-the-art stand in Gütersloh.

The company Wulfhorst can look back on a long history. Throughout the years, emphasis has been placed on quality and technical sophistication. The family tradition could be continued consistently and sustainably and this is what makes Wulfhorst very proud.

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